Who’s Your Fav Old School Tricker?

I have always been a fan of old school NASKA competitors/original trickers. I have to say that out of all them my top 11 would have to be:

  • Kim Do
  • David Douglas
  • Anthony Atkins
  • Arnold Chon
  • Daniel Sterling
  • Ben Brown
  • Steve Terada
  • Mike Chat
  • Manny Brown
  • Matt Emig
  • Will Valentine

Who’s your favorite?

4 thoughts on “Who’s Your Fav Old School Tricker?

  1. Steve Terada is just one of the greatest. I do count Anis as old school at this point though, so he’s gotta be my favorite.

  2. I never thought of it that way, I guess I didn’t drop him in the old school category, because it looks like he’s still innovating, you know?

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